Fair Labor Compliance

Certificate of Completion – Department of Labor, Wage&Hour Division, Monitoring Program

Semore, Inc. headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor, entered into the Compliance Assistance Program Agreement, in order to promote compliance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and, through a sample for the membership of KAMA, to model an effective monitoring program for garment manufactures.
According to Compliance surveys that have been conducted by Wage and Hour Division indicated that compliance levels at effectively monitored contract shops are higher at shops where no monitoring occurs. As a result, manufactures who monitor the contractor shops that work on their goods run a significantly smaller risk of having the goods become ineligible for sale or shipment in interstate commerce by virtue of the so-called “ Hot Goods” provisions of the Fair Labor Standards.

Fair Labor Association

Solo Semore joined the Fair Labor Association to demonstrates a commitment to promoting international labor standards within our supply chains that are spread all over the world – Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, Burma, Vietnam and United States.

Also, Solo Semore supports the action of Human and labor rights advocates and organizations that continue to play an integral role in the FLA system.

Moreover, Solo Semore Supports the NGO Advisory Council of the FLA, which is coordinated by the Human Rights First, because Solo Semore believes it will facilitates the involvement of local and international NGOs to help ensure that the implementation of Codes of Conduct ultimately results in worker empowerment and the meaningful protection of workers’s rights.